Rather than hearing us sing our own praises hear what our clients have had to say about Cake Classique’s creations.

“We would just like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work you had put into making our wedding cake look so beautiful and it tasted even better (absolutely delicious).  Everyone who had a piece only had fantastic things to say about it.  Thank you for being so professional and helpful.  ”

(Jono & Kerusha  –  August 2012)

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a job well done.  Everyone commented on how delicious the cake was and on top of that  –  It looked beautiful!”

(Markus & Vanessa  –  June 2012)

“I wanted to say thank you so much for everything.  The service received from you was exceptional and the cake looked and tasted amazing.  We had many comments about how lovely the cake was. Everything was perfect and I cannot thank you enough for your contribution in regards to making our day so special!”

(Jason & Paula  –  April 2012)

“I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with the cake.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  All I can say is WOW!  You managed to make EXACTLY what I had pictured and wanted.  And the actual cakes tasted DIVINE.  Every single person commented about the cakes.”

(Simon & Leanne  –  April 2012)

“Thank you for our lovely wedding cake!  We loved it and so did our guests, we got a lot of compliments. ”

(Henk & Cecilia  –  April 2012)

“WOW!!  Thank you so much for the lovely cake at our wedding  –  it was by far the best cake I’ve ever tasted!  AND it looked amazing!”

(Billy & Arista  –  April 2012)

“The cake!  What can I say?  People have been calling up ever since the wedding asking who made the cake, it was absolutely delicious  –  everyone was surprised at how tasty the cake was, while the outside was stunning!  Usually wedding cakes don’t actually taste very nice. Not this one!! ”

(Warrick Joe & Robyn  –  March 2012)

“We would like to thank you for your contribution in making our wedding the most special day of our lives! ”

(Gordon & Sarah  –  December 2011)

“The cake you made for us was something out of this world.  It looked perfect and it tasted even better!!!  You are a magician.  Thank you so much for making our day so perfect with the perfect cake.”

(Michael & Aviva  –  December 2011)

“Thank you soo much for providing the most delicious (eggless) wedding cake for our wedding.  It was delicious and most of the guests commented that it was the best wedding cake they have ever tasted.  The décor on the cake was perfect  –  thank you.”

(Shivan & Esha  –  December 2011)

“Thank you for the stunning wedding cake.  Both the cakes were delicious and looked amazing.”

(Carina de Villiers  – October 2011)

“Our cake was absolutely stunning and tasted amazing!  Thank you for everything!”

(Mike & Roxy  –  September 2011)

“Thank you so much for everything you did for us, you are the best! ”

(Lerato & Thabang  –  September 2011)

“We want to thank you for a job well done!”

(Veli & Buki  –  July 2011)

“We had the cutest Petit Fours served in the garden, the guests were really impressed and the sweet tooth’s had a great treat.  Janet you are a sweetie. ”

(Nico & Marcha – September 2011)

“I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did for our wedding cake and cupcakes, they were absolutely stunning and delicious.  Our wedding cake still tastes fantastic so many days after our wedding, amazing! ”

(Andrew & Mieke  –  September 2011)

“We would just like to say thank you very much for the awesome cake, everyone complimented on how nice it looked and tasted!”

(Teo & Debbie  –  August 2011)

“I enjoyed the cake and it was beautiful.”

(Emily Mbele  –  August 2011)

“The cake looked great and tasted fantastic!  You are truly a fantastic supplier and you can definitely become the new cake boss!”

(Hannes & Bianke  –  August 2011)

“Everything was wonderful!”

(Mike & Desiree  –  May 2011)

“Your cakes were absolutely, amazingly romantic and special.  We were inundated with sms’s, phone calls and messages complimenting the tastiness of the cake and also how special it looked.  You really took a lot of time and trouble and really went the extra mile.  Your cakes contributed to what was a very special day.”

(Andrew & Tracy  –  May 2011)

“Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding cake and cupcakes!  They looked amazing and tasted fantastic too. ”

(Sylvia Wallace  –  April 2011)

“I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU for the most beautiful wedding cake ever!  I was so excited to see the cake and it was even better than I expected!  It was also absolutely delicious!  ”

(Annemarie Steenkamp  –  April 2011)

“Thank you for the most wonderful cake.  You did yourself proud.  ”

(Pro-Gen Diagnostics  –  April 2011)

“The cake was absolutely stunning, matched the decor perfectly and was sooo yummy too!  We had tons of compliments.  Thank you so very much. ”

(Anmol & Melanie  –  February 2011)

“Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL CAKE!  I couldn’t stop staring at it!”

(Ruaan & Imelda  –  January 2011)

“Iwona and I just wanted to take a moment to send you a mail expressing our thanks for your excellent work on our wedding day. You were superb throughout. ”

(Jonathan & Iwona  –  January 2011)

“Our wedding was great and our cake was amazing!  Thank you so so much it was exactly what we wanted!  ”

(Tyla  –  December 2010)

“Our cake was amazing!  Thank you so much! ”

(Johan & Angela  –  December 2010)

“I don’t know how to begin to thank you for the wonderful cake you made for us.  Thank you very much, and God bless you. ”

(Ndophi & Joyce  –  October 2010)

“Thank you for the marvellous cakes that you made for our wedding.  Not only that they looked exceptional, they also tasted heavenly!”

(Colin & Dajana  –  October 2010)

“Thank you so much for the beautiful cake, it was absolutely stunning!  ”

(Robert & Debbie-Leigh  –  October 2010)

“Thank you for the beautiful cake, it tasted fantastic! ”

(Abe & Penny  –  October 2010)

“Thank you for making such a fantastic cake for Jenna.  It was fabulous, everyone commented on the fact that it was so beautiful, very tasty and moist.  It was wonderful dealing with you.”

(Eve Austin  –  October 2010)

“A HUGE thank you for the beautiful cake you put together for us.  Everyone commented on how lovely the cake looked and how delicious it was! ”

(Terance & Leanne  –  October 2010)

“Thanks for the beautiful delicious cupcakes. ”

(Bongi  –  September 2010)

“Thank you so much for making our day extra special  –  people are still raving about the cakes!”

(Jason & Bethany  –  June 2010)

“Thanks for the marvellous cake for our wedding.  It was perfect, we really loved it.”

(JP & Kirsten  –  April 2010)

“Thank you very much for the beautiful cake.  Without you our wedding would not have been as extraordinary as it was.  I will definitely recommend you to everyone.  ”

(Ruan & Chantel  –  March 2010)

“Many thanks for the beautiful cake it was absolutely stunning.  All our guests really enjoyed the cake.”

(Mark & Linda  –  Christening  –  March 2010)

“We just want to say thank you so much for the absolutely stunningly beautiful cake!   Everyone at our wedding was extremely impressed and said it is the most beautiful cake they had ever seen.  It made it so much more special for us!  It was also the best we have ever eaten!  ”

(Donald & Marule  –  February 2010)

“Thank you so much for your stunning contribution to the wedding.  We have had numerous compliments.  It looked stunning and tasted divine! ”

(Ruan & Laricelle  –  January 2010)

“Thanks for the awesome wedding cake.”

(Tumi & Busi  –  December 2009)

“The cake was awesome.  Ten out of ten!  Everyone is still talking about it.”

(Jeremy & Bronwyn  –  December 2009)

“Thank you again for our cake, it was divine and the Petit Fours were a hit amongst the guests.”

(Kallie & Candice  –  November 2009)

“Thank you for the STUNNING cake. There were many compliments about it.”

(& Jane  –  November 2009)

“A big thank-you for the delicious cupcakes you made for our wedding.  We received numerous compliments from our guests on the cupcakes and the way they were displayed, absolutely beautiful.”

(Rowan & Lynsey  –  October 2009)

“Since the wedding we have had plenty of great comments on our cake and how delicious it was.  You also went the extra mile by making the top tier egg free.  The service we received was fantastic!”

(Quintes & Sheleen  –  August 2009)

“I just wanted to thank you for our beautiful cake.  It was absolutely stunning and delicious!”

(Steve & Nici  –  August 2009)

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